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Nomination of the thesis reviewers

The Head of the Doctoral School, by delegation of the university president, designates at least two thesis reviewers, who are qualified to supervise doctoral candidates or who belong to one of the categories mentioned in Article 16 – 1° and 22° of the decree of 25 May 2016, following a recommendation from the supervisor.

In case of works involving socio-economic persons that do not belong to the academic community, a third reviewer, known for its expertise in the area, may be designated. 

With the exception for the disciplinary area or the content of the work, the reviewers should not belong to the doctoral school nor to the candidate’s institution.

The reviewers may be part of foreign-based higher education or research institutions or others foreign organisms.

The reviewers have no implication on the work of the doctoral candidate. The reviewers communicate their recommendations through written reports a least 14 days before the date of the defense.

The head of the Doctoral School uses this report as a basis for its authorization, by delegation of the university president, to defend the thesis. The reports are made available to the jury and to the candidate before the defense takes place.


Nomination of the jury members

The President of UPMC delegates the nomination of the members of the jury to the Head of the Doctoral School.

They are nominated by the Head of the Doctoral School upon recommendation of the supervisor.

The jury is made up of 4 to 8 members, of which at least a half are French or foreign-nationals who neither belong to the doctoral school nor to the candidate’s institution.

Nomination is based on scientific or professional skills and is in accordance with the provisions regarding international co-supervision of the doctoral project and respecting a balanced representation of women and men.

At least half of the jury members should be professors or hold an equivalent qualification in accordance with the provisions for the nomination of members set out by the French Universities National Council (Conseil national des universities) and of Art 5 of the decree n°87-31 for health disciplines, or should be senior lecturers who hold equivalent qualifications and are not attached to the French Ministry of Higher Education.

It must include a faculty professor or researcher from Pierre and Marie Curie University, who has supervisory qualification and is part of a research structure associated with the University, in addition to the thesis director.  The thesis director is present, but do not take part in the decision. When several institutions are accredited to jointly award the doctorate, the jury is appointed by the heads of the institutions concerned under the conditions set by the agreement.


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