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Registration fees and Social Security

Registration fees

They amount to € 396.10 for the academic year 2017/2018 (including the registration fee of € 391, plus € 5.10 mandatory for participation in preventive medicine).

Since the beginning of the academic year 2009-2010, all doctoral candidates without distinction pay the fees for their annual registration : motion adopted by the Scientific Council on 22 June 2009 and validated by the Board of Directors on 6 July 2009.

Social Security

To pay it, not to pay it, that is the question. How to know it? It's very simple: some pay, some not. It all depends on the situation of each one. Let us see, step by step, the possible configurations. You are necessarily concerned by one of them.

Recall that social security is not an option. You have to pay it, or not, and it's not negotiated.

The Doctoral Information & Registration Office team is very familiar with the laws relating to social security. It can therefore explain to you if necessary the why of how.But, please trust him and do not try to negotiate: the staff simply enforces the law and does not touch any money on social security euros.

You have a French employment contract covering the academic year (from September 1 to August 31):

You do not pay social security because it is directly deducted from your salaries.

You do not have
a French employment contract covering the academic year (from September 1st to August 31st): these dates are not chosen by chance, they are regulations.
In this case, other criteria should be considered: your age, your nationality, the category of your financing or some other specific situations.

How old are you ?

  • You are under 28 years of age on September 1st: you have to pay Student Social Security.
  • You are over 28 years old but less than 32 years old on September 1st.

Two situations are possible:

  • You have never paid the Student Social Security since the beginning of your doctorate, before your 28 years: you do not pay.

  • You have paid at least once the student social security since the beginning of your doctorate, before your 28 years: you have to pay social security.
  • You are over 32 years old on September 1st: you do not pay.

What is your personal situation?

  • A French government scholarship, with Campus France: if it is mentioned on your scholarship certificate, you do not pay.
  • Are you European or Quebec citizen? You may prove the conditions for not paying social security; The supporting documents are necessary.
  • Are you covered by your spouse or hsuband's social security? A proof that you are in fact a beneficiary of his-her social security for the whole year (1 September, 31 August) is necessary. In this case, you do not pay Student Social Security.

Warning ! Warning! Read this!

The contributory scheme with affiliation to the student social security is a priority. The benefit of the maintenance of free rights of one year minimum with the CPAM, the MGEN etc. does not apply when enrolling in a university.

Reimbursement of student social security contributions :

If you can justify one or more employment contracts covering the full academic year (1 September - 31 August) after your administrative registration, you can ask for the refund of the subscription with the student mutual insurance company you have chosen Of your registration. Form available on the institutional website.



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