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How to apply for a DOCTORATe at UPMC 

Since the doctorate is a professional research experience, the process of becoming a doctoral candidate is similar to that of any job recruitment, from the publication of a job offer to the collection and selection of applications, interviews or auditions, and hiring of a candidate.

The job offer: the doctoral research project

Doctoral research projects ("thesis topics") open for recruitment are posted and shared online by laboratories and doctoral schools (*). A doctoral research project generally consists of a research question, technical, human and financial resources, and a desired candidate profile. It specifies the research unit in which the future doctoral candidate will work and the doctoral school that will supervise the successful completion of the doctorate and the doctoral candidate's training.

→ Read more about doctoral research projects here

Application and recruitment processes

To apply for a doctoral research project, you must hold a master's degree or equivalent.

Candidates interested in a doctoral research project are invited to contact the project leader (who will be the recruited doctoral candidate's thesis supervisor) and attach a CV and cover letter.

Depending on the recruitment process, which varies according to the funding for the project, you will have one or more interview(s) or an audition before a recruitment panel.

Each doctoral school organises an annual recruitment campaign to grant doctoral contracts funded by its partner institutions.

A doctoral candidate must be approved by the project leader (the future thesis supervisor) and the research unit director. Based on their approval, the doctoral school director will propose the candidate's recruitment to the university president.

More details about the procedures for UPMC doctoral contract recruitments are available at the UPMC website employee portal (only in french). 


Doctoral research projects are published throughout the year.

However, most doctoral recruitments take place at the same time, according to the indicative timeline below:

  1. March-April: publication of doctoral research projects
  2. May-June: submission of applications, interviews with project leaders, auditions by recruitment panels
  3. July: results announced, beginning of registrations and signing of employment contracts
  4. September-October: integration into research units
  5. November: welcome day for new doctoral candidates

See detailed timelines on each doctoral school's website.

View the list of UPMC's doctoral schools

Once your application is accepted, you will complete the administrative registration process and sign your employment agreement.


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Key doctorate statistics

  • 16 doctoral schools across 4 areas
  • 3,000 doctoral candidates (98% funded)
  • Over 750 theses defended every year
  • Duration of a doctoral project: 41 months