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Finding accommodation in Paris or the Paris Region is not easy. It is therefore best to try to make arrangements in advance, and to extend your accommodation search over as wide an area as possible. Various options are available, including student residences, university residences, individual rented accommodation, joint rental (apartment-sharing), rooms in private homes, etc. If you have not been able to obtain a place in a dedicated student accommodation facility, you will need to find rented accommodation.

  1. Rented accommodation
  2. Joint rental (apartment-sharing)
  3. Housing assistance

Rented accommodation

A wide range of property rental websites and agencies is available. Information on this topic can be found below. To help you find accommodation that matches your needs, we have signed agreements with some private student residences.

Joint rental (apartment-sharing)

If you decide to go for jointly rented accommodation as a group, please bear the following in mind:

  • All members of the group renting the accommodation will sign a single “joint tenancy” agreement, drawn up on the same basis as an individual tenancy agreement
  • You have the same rights and obligations in respect of the party renting you the accommodation
  • You are jointly responsible for paying the rent as well as any other costs, for property maintenance, for any deterioration of the property, and for disturbances affecting neighbours and those living nearby.

Attention: You should check whether the tenancy agreement includes a “solidarity clause”. If it does, you will continue to be considered jointly responsible for any material or financial problems if you leave the accommodation before the agreement expires and your co-tenants continue with the rental.

Attention: The property owner is obliged to provide “decent” accommodation. This means that there must be no obvious risks that could present a threat to your health or physical safety, and statutory rules relating to residential tenancies must be complied with. A written tenancy agreement is mandatory.

Landlords may only give notice of termination of rental on expiry of the rental agreement term. Notice of termination must be sent to each tenant, unless the agreement includes a solidarity clause, in which case notice of termination may be sent to only one of the co-tenants, who is responsible for sending it on to each member of your group.

Housing assistance

If you are renting accommodation, either individually or jointly, you may be eligible for assistance from the Family Allowance Fund (Caisse des Allocations Familiales, CAF) to help you pay your rent, irrespective of your nationality. Two types of assistance are available from CAF, depending on the type of accommodation: personal housing assistance (APL), or social housing allowance (APS). The amount of assistance payable is calculated on the basis of various factors, including family situation, financial situation, rental cost, etc. To apply for housing assistance, go to the CAF website, download the housing assistance form, and complete, sign and return it as indicated.



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